Pink Floyd I Was There (Signed Hardback Edition)

Pink Floyd IWT Cover

By Richard Houghton

Contributor's Signed Special Edition

RRP: £15.99

isbn: 978 1 9113 4687 6
page size: 198 x 129mm
extent: 400 pages
illustration: Fully illustrated throughout with memorabilia and orginal photos


Pink Floyd are one of the most commercially successful and influential rock bands of all time.  They have sold more than 250 million records worldwide, including 75 million certified units in the United States, and 37.9 million albums sold in the US since 1993.  This book is based on fans, friends, and colleagues' memories of the band from their earliest days in Cambridge, through the stage pyrotechnics of Dark Side, and to the massive stage events, like The Wall, including new insights into the band with Syd Barrett.