Jimi Hendrix: Made In England

Jimi Hendrix: Made in England

By Brian Southall

RRP: £14.99

binding: paperback
isbn: 978 1 9059 5941 9
page size: 225 x 152mm
extent: 196 pages
illustration: 8-page photo section

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The true story of Jimi’s fifteen-month rise to fame with brand-new insights from the people who knew him best. When James Marshall Hendrix stepped onto the jet at New York’s newly-named Kennedy Airport, it was the start of a fifteen-month odyssey that would see him transformed from unknown guitarist to rock star. Along the way he would change his name, gain a band and develop a taste for tea and cucumber sandwiches. During that uniquely special time he would hang out with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones and be one of the few black performers to make it in mainstream rock. He would have a string of hit singles and two albums before hardly as soul in the USA had heard of him. This book uncovers his life in London and explains how James became Jimi. Featuring new interviews with friends, musicians and colleagues, Hendrix: Made in England contains masses of new insights and provides a fascinating picture of that remarkable time. It records a period when pop started to give way to rock and Hendrix straddled both with hit singles and top-selling albums.