Dark Side of the Moon Revealed

Dark Side of the Moon Revealed

By Brain Southall

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binding: paperback
isbn: 978 1 9059 5998 3
page size: 245 x 170mm
extent: 200 pages

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Even before its release, there was something special about Pink Floyd’s fifth album. Launched at the London Planetarium, it came in a deluxe package with gatefold sleeve, poster and stickers – a big deal. As an EMI insider, Southall met with band members and major players in this extraordinary story. This book tells the tale of how Dark Side of the Moon came to be such a massive deal for record company, band and, most importantly, its fans. If you are or have ever been a fan of Dark Side of the Moon this book is a must, with dozens of exclusive interviews and insights into the events surrounding the creations and launch of the most iconic album of the 70s.