Breakfast in Nudie Suits

Breakfast in Nudie Suits

By Ian Dunlop

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binding: paperback
isbn: 978 1 9059 5940 2
page size: 225 x 150mm
extent: 320 pages
illustration: black and white photos and drawings

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This is the story of the birth of country rock recounted by a masterful storyteller who bore witness to and participated in its genesis. This is an intimate account of Gram Parsons’ early years and a story of a bunch of musical desperados fighting the business, fighting audience indifference and fighting musical prejudice as they played a new kind of country.  Ian Dunlop and his friend and fellow International Submarine Band member Gram Parson travelled across America, playing against a backdrop of Hollywood hopefulness, the Vietnam draft dodge and the band’s dogged insistence that unfashionable country music could be any kind of creative force in the rock era. This is a road trip in the great American tradition and the events of the mid-Sixties crackle off the page. The book is an insight into the Parsons legend that has never been offered before; a look at the life-line on his palm, an ear to his spontaneous banter and a candid portrait sketched during a formative, creatively productive and happy era of his life.


‘It ended too soon for me, I wanted more.’
Dave Griffin, ‘the Gram Parsons’ Guitar Pull

‘..Straight from the heart.’
Billy Ray Herrin, ‘Hickory Wind Music’

‘Ian Dunlop is a masterful storyteller, who bore witness to and
participated in the birth of country rock.’
Holly George-Warren, author, music journalist and co-editor
The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

‘This isn’t a book. It’s a journey, the trip through the ’60s we all either dreamed about, lied about or actually took. Coolest road read since Kerouac left the Flamingo Bar.’
Pete Gallagher, WMNF Radio

‘Part Kerouac, part Tom Robbins, it’s a transcendental
road trip down a lost highway that leads to the roots of the Americana music movement.’
Jim White, musician, writer. Presenter of the BBC film
‘Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus’  

‘I know what you’re thinking: just what the world needs, another memoir by another musician. Well, the world needs this one. Forget the cliche that if you can remember the ’60s, you weren’t there. Fortunately, Ian remembers, and his accounts of his adventures are frequently inspiring and often hilarious.
He makes me wish I’d been there too.’
Scott Schinder, writer, Time Out, New York.

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