Bon Scott: Have a Drink on Me

Bon Scott Have a Drink on Me

By Irene Thornton

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binding: paperback
978 1 9113 4670 8
page size: 198 x 129 mm
extent: 224 pages
illustration: 16 page section

Published on: May 4, 2018

In 1971 Adelaide girl Irene Thornton meets Bon Scott, the singerfor local band Fraternity. Between Bon and Irene, there is a unique spark; they marry in 1972. For the next few years, with Irene by his side, Bon Scott continues a driven but difficult journey towards AC/DC and rock ’n’ roll fame.Irene gives us the scene without the airbrushing: the bitter winters in London with Fraternity, the drinking and drugs, the group living and frayed tempers, and the broken dreams and inner demons. But she also shares details of her incredible bond with this extraordinary man, watching Bon create and perform the music that put him and AC/DC on the world stage. This is a moving account of an artist at the height of his powers, and an intimate view of the lows that ended tragically in Bon’s early death.

Irene Thornton met Bon Scott in 1971 and married him in 1972. Though they divorced in 1977, they remained friends and corresponded regularly until his death. Irene lives in Melbourne with her son.