500 Lost Gems of the Sixties

500 Lost Gems of the Sixties Cover

By Kingsley Abbott

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​binding: hardback
isbn: 978 1 9059 5906 8
page size: 240 x 170mm
extent: 208 pages
illustration: colour throughout


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A collection of true stories, gossip and details of 500 of the singles that failed to dent the Top 10, but which are still worthy of inclusion in a volume such as this. This book demonstrates just how much a melting pot of talent, creativity and energy the decade really was. It’s not just in the groove, but between the grooves that you’ll find the magic. Nuggets of information and connections between the artists, producers and songwriters offer a unique insight into the careers and development of key (and not so key) performers. The idea behind this book is simple – to gather together a fantastic selection of 60s pop releases that are not nearly as well-known as they deserve to be. Packed full of beautiful glossy pictures of each and every disc featured, it is a colourful and quirky guide to records that you may never have heard of, but you will certainly want to listen to when you’ve finished.